Freitag, 14. März 2014

Re-waxing my Barbour Beaufort.

Today I decided to re-wax my Barbour Beaufort.

During lunch break, I went to a local Hunter's shop and bought a can of Barbour's Thornproof Dressing.

Later at home, I was ready to start:

First you need to clean your jacket with a brush. If it's dirty, use a sponge and cold water.

After that, you need to dry your jacket (my jacket wasn't dirty so I started right away).

How to re-wax: 

Put the can in a pot or pan, filled with water (up to 3/4 of the can's hight) and heat up carefully. Don't allow the water to cook!

If the wax is liquid, rub (! Don't only paint!) it into the garment using a sponge or some other cloth.

Clean off remaining wax with another sponge.

Dry the jacket with a hairdryer (this will melt the wax and put it deeper in the garment),

Rub again to give the jacket a "factory finish".

Hang it dry over night.

Always remember: The re-waxed jacket will bleed some wax.

Try for yourself and have fun!

Clean your jacket first!
Vintage! No pocket stitching!

The can.

Put it in a pan filled with water.
Lift the lid with a knife.

Nearly ready!
I've cut the sponge in half.
Nearly finished!
Done! Factory look!

Here's a nice film:

An American get-up?

Today's get-up is pretty rugged: 501's, OCBD, a Lauren Jeans Company sweater by Ralph Lauren and Caterpillar boots.

Dienstag, 11. März 2014

My new jacket by Suitsupply!

I woke up this morning with a picture in my mind: A new navy jacket for summer.

So during lunch break I went to our Suitsupply store to check out if the guys could make my wish come true.

After trying on a few jackets which did not fit quite well, my trusted salesman Daniel went to the storage place to search the stock.

He came back with this jewel:

An unlined navy pure wool jacket in a nice Birdseye (or Hopsack?) weave. -> Would please somebody tell me the difference?

I put it on and it fit like a glove.

Well done Daniel!!!

And thank you for the great suit sack and the nice hanger!

Nice suit sack!

Patch pockets.

Double vent.

Natural shoulders.
Nice darts! Nice fit!
Pure Wool. Spun in Italy.

Unlined tie today.

Today I'm wearing an unlined tie which creates a tiny knot (but still with a dimple :D).

I kind of look like Blacky Fuchsberger from the old German Edgar Wallace movies...

Joachim "Blacky" Fuchsberger and Eddi Arent in "Der Frosch mit der Maske" (The Fellowship of the Frog) - Germany 1959. Please notice that Blacky matches tie and pocket square, which is a sartorial Faux pas.

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