Freitag, 14. März 2014

Re-waxing my Barbour Beaufort.

Today I decided to re-wax my Barbour Beaufort.

During lunch break, I went to a local Hunter's shop and bought a can of Barbour's Thornproof Dressing.

Later at home, I was ready to start:

First you need to clean your jacket with a brush. If it's dirty, use a sponge and cold water.

After that, you need to dry your jacket (my jacket wasn't dirty so I started right away).

How to re-wax: 

Put the can in a pot or pan, filled with water (up to 3/4 of the can's hight) and heat up carefully. Don't allow the water to cook!

If the wax is liquid, rub (! Don't only paint!) it into the garment using a sponge or some other cloth.

Clean off remaining wax with another sponge.

Dry the jacket with a hairdryer (this will melt the wax and put it deeper in the garment),

Rub again to give the jacket a "factory finish".

Hang it dry over night.

Always remember: The re-waxed jacket will bleed some wax.

Try for yourself and have fun!

Clean your jacket first!
Vintage! No pocket stitching!

The can.

Put it in a pan filled with water.
Lift the lid with a knife.

Nearly ready!
I've cut the sponge in half.
Nearly finished!
Done! Factory look!

Here's a nice film:

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