Montag, 17. Februar 2014

My new Travel Shaving Brush by Mühle.

This is my new travel brush by German company Mühle (which means mill) or Muehle (ü becomes ue) or Muhle if you can't write an Umlaut.

Check out the pronounciation of "Mühle" here, if you like to:
When travelling, taking your badger brush with you might be tricky in terms of protection, drying process and convenience.

As I'll be on a business trip from Thursday to Saturday, I decided to buy this little travel companion, helping me to get my daily shaving routine done.

Please note: This travel brush comes with artificial hair, called Silvertip Fibre.

Mühle says on their homepage:

"Silvertip Fibre - high-quality synthetic fibres, a world first: a premium quality developed in-house analogously to natural silvertip badger. Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting and somewhat less sensitive in everyday use as water drips off them and they dry faster than natural hair. The completely vegan fibres are more economically to use, create a particularly creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams but require only half of the amount of medium compared to natural brushes. Their solid fibres make them more hygienic and easier to clean."

A fast drying shaving brush is very important when you're traveling. So I'm very fine with my choice.


Hight: 138 or 82 mm
Diameter: 30 mm
Weight: 95 g

About the weight: 95 g might be too heavy for some of you guys. The aluminium version of this brush comes with a weight of only 36 g but it's a bit smaller (130 or 68 mm).

Great size for traveling.
Check out the 5 ventilation holes in the cap.
Good size even for big hands.

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