Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

My holidays in Tuscany.

My dear readers,

I’m back from my holidays in Tuscany with my little family with a lot of great impressions of a wonderful landscape, excellent food and nice beaches. We spent our time near a nice medieval village called Castagneto Carducci which lies on a hill surrounded by green Macchia with pine and cypress trees and vineyards.

As we learned from our traveller’s companion, Castagneto Carducci reveals two specials.

Here’s the most interesting: Sartoria Arte e moda – A little bespoke tailor.

If you wouldn’t know about the existence of this little, exclusive bespoke tailor, you would simply pass by. No advertising, no company logo, only a small entrance.

You want your on of the famous jackets of the “Maremma Cowboys” or a suit made from scratch? Romanian émigré Tailor Florin Cristea is an old hand at outfitting country squires, Tuscan style and, of course, suits, coats, etc.

A suit starts at 1.500 Euro.

Enjoy the pictures.

Impressions of Tuscany.

I'd like to share some pictures of my holidays with you.

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