Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

On the street: Friend from Russia.

By the way: Great loafers!

On the street: In Düsseldorf for fashion business

Such a great color of pants! And thanks for the nice chat!

Relax! You look great!

On the street: In Düsseldorf for fashion business.

Greetings to our CPD visitors from Slovak Republic.

On the street: Style bloggers meet in real life

Known from Stilmagazin. Now in real on Königsallee.

On the street: Purple boat shoes!

今日は (Konnichiwa) to Japan!

On the street: CPD brings style to town!

Best regards to Bülent from Zurich!

On the street: Rebell Style.

Check out how this guy put together his check shirt (with matching Chucks), the white tie and waistcoat.

On the street: Stylomatic!

Check out this nice lady! She looks absolutely gorgeous!

On the street: Styleclicker in Düsseldorf.

Today Düsseldorf was fashion city, so it wasn't a big surprise I ran into Styleclicker Gunnar Hämmerle, who was hunting the streets for fashion victims.

It was very nice, talking to you, Gunnar. All the best for your exhibition and the grand opening party tonight! I'll check out your exhib on Wednesday.

On the street: The Eye Of Fashion and a friend.

Today Düsseldorf was the place to be. As CPD is in town, the city was full of stylish people. It was so much fun to take pictures! The first one, who dropped by, was Marc of The Eye Of Fashion. Best regards to you and your friend! And all the best for your ear...

Check out his Chucks!

Death at Loveparade

My deepest sympathy goes out to those who lost friends, relatives and loved ones at Loveparade's tragedy in Duisburg today.

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Bally: Pretty nice shoes.

Check out these beauties!

Store check: Ermenegildo Zegna

Not much fashion going on today on Königsalle. So all I can offer you is a few shot of things to come for autumn at Zegna.

Besides: Maybe you'll find some nice thing at Zegna's sale.

Store check at GANT: First impressions of Autumn?

Jeez, this is a tiny tie. And they managed to put a dimple in it.
I like the shoes but I wouldn't really go for the pants. Would you?

Montag, 19. Juli 2010

On the street: The latest Longchamp bag

On Steinstraße/Königsallee I met this gentleman.

Today it wasn't really easy to spot anybody well dressed (1 hour lunch break isn't a lot of time), so it was such a relief when I saw him waiting at the traffic lights, wearing Bay Bans, red bermudas and the brand new Longchamp Cavalier shopper.
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