Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Same look as yesterday but with different clothes.

Today's my son's Kindergarten graduation party with church service and performance of a play.

So I kind of dressed up, but even though I do not wear a tie I guess I'll still stand out among all those sloppy dressed dads...

Navy Hopsack jacket by Suitsupply.

Dockers Chinos. Yes, Dockers is quite ok in Germany. But I think I'll go for some Donnelly's.

Bass Buchanon. Impossible to get in Germany right now. Bought them 2 years ago at Zalando.

Pal Zileri pocket square.

Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Impressions of Denmark

Dear readers,

I'm back home in Germany.

It was such a great time in Denmark. Loads of impressions of a very nice country. Nice people, nice food, fresh fish from the sea, snakes on roofs, amber on the beach, Lego Land with my kids, Segway tour on the beach, Vikings, etc.

If you didn't check my tweets, here are some pictures.

Traditional thatched roofs

Sunset over the dunes.

Ich bin schon nen Toften!

Sculpting in sand.

Thor with his war chariot.


Viking Village.


Legoland's rubbish bins look like Lego blocks.

Kennedy Space Center.

Star Wars area.

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