Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Vintage sports jacket at Torquato

Another working day in Düsseldorf and enough time for me to stroll around Kö. My way led me to Torquato, one of my favorite shops when it comes to true quality products.

They offer a pretty cool Covert Coat by Magee I'd like to buy for the springtime but that's a different story...

I was lucky enough to run into Torquato's Managing Director, dressed as dapper as ever.
Please take a closer look at his moleskin trousers and his vintage Mark Marengo sports jacket with slant pockets and a beautiful check.

Btw: He'll spend the next weekend in London for some sale shopping. I must confess that I'm a little bit envious...

On the street: Big scarf and a monochrome look

Looks like a big collar pin.

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Book review: One Hundred Years Of Menswear

Dear readers,

first of all, please welcome my latest follower Stefan Kröger. Stefan, welcome to Inner City Style!

I have been off for a couple of weeks what I do regret. But here are the reasons for my absence: A lot of work, forcing me to spend my lunch breaks in the office instead of taking pictures on KÖ (in combination with bad weather conditions in Ddorf), nothing relevant to blog about, spending the evenings with my little familiy.

But as things are getting better (and posting becomes an addiction, as you guys know), I'll promise you'll soon find a lot of new stuff as coming events cast their shadows. On the weekend of 5-6th of February, famous CPD will be in town just like every year, attracting hundreds of fashion related folks to visit Düsseldorf. A great opportunity to take pictures and write about the latest trends in fashion and clothes design.

But back to my review:

As you guys know that I'm collector of books about fashion, here's my latest purchase:

"One Hundred Years Of Menswear" by Cally Blackman.

This book takes its readers on a journey through the history of men's fashion starting from the 19th century to today's designers, revealing a lot of insights about how different styles did develop through the centuries.

The book is divided into two periods: 1900-1939 and 1940 until today (what was 2009). Each period is broken down into six themes, "chosen because they were important at a particular point in history."

For 25 Euros you will get over 300 pages of pictures of clothes, advertisements and illustrations from fashion magazines. Eyery chapter comes with an insightfull explanation about the why and when of men's fashion with a lot of pictures I saw for the first time.

One of my favorite chapters is "Media Star" as it holds a lot of info about the fashion styles of many different movies, TV series and celebrities, from "The Thomas Crown Affair", to "007", "Shaft" and even "Miami Vice".


-Worker & Soldier
-Artist & Reformer
-Good Guy, Bad Guy
-Dressing Down, Dressing Up

1940- :
-Media Star
-Culture Clubber

This is a book, every guy interested in clothes and fashion MUST own, as Cally did an excellent job.

10 out of 10.

Go and buy it! NOW!
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