Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Sans jacket.

Skipped my jacket today. Only a Merino sweater and a Trench Coat do the job.

Nice day to you!

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

For quite some time, I was celebrating my Birthdays during my holidays.
It's the first time for years, that I'm in the office on that special day.

My lovely wife gave me such a suprise with a delicious Guglhupf chocolate cake (check my Twitter) and 2 very amazing presents, I'll show you later.

So here's the usual office stuff:

My desk this morning.

Hm, Wrinklehausen due to my drive to work...

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

I'm back at my desk. Tegernsee. Reminiscing.

Dear readers,

After two very exciting weeks at lovely Tegernsee lake I'm back at my desk.

Please enjoy the pictures!

4 a.m.: Ready for our drive to Bavaria:

 Our house at Tegernsee Lake and a few impressions:

Best beer in the world: Tegernseer Hell (Hell means Lager):

 Traditional clothes and L.L.Bean Boots:

Bean Boots in Weißach Stream

Peak of Baumgartenschneid 1,449 metres: 

View from Wallberg over Tegernsee Lake: 

Getting ready for hiking:

Rucksacks in the trunk

Some summit of the Rofan Main Ridge

Some mountain lake

Peak of Rofanspitze

Me, myself and I. 2,259 metres.

Getting ready for my sister-in-law's wedding:

Inlaid work at Tegernsee's townhall

Me wearing a traditional Tegernsee hat, a Tattersall shirt, a Harris Tweed Jacket, a Pheasant tie, traditional Lederhosen, socks and shoes.

Tegernseer Gebirgsschützen Kirchweihe:

Tradition at its best!

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