Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Meeting Bernhard Roetzel. And special guest Heinz-Josef Radermacher.

This evening, I had the pleasure to attend at Bernhard Roetzel's presentation of his new book "Der Gentleman nach Maß" in Düsseldorf.

It was a big surprise that during his presentation, Düsseldorf's finest bespoke tailor Heinz-Josef Radermacher and his employees showed up as special guests.

So the audience had the chance to get in touch with one of the top-notch tailors featured in Mr. Roetzel's new book and listened keenly to Mr. Radermacher's sartorial insights and anecdotes.

After the presentation, I had a very nice chat with Mr. Roetzel and Mr. Radermacher who both signed autographs in the 2 books I brought with me.

So thank you very much for visiting Düsseldorf and sharing your sartorial knowledge with us!

Bernhard Roetzel, wearing a bespoke three piece Tweed suit from 1998, which you'll see in his book "The Gentleman" on page 188 (red edition).

On stage.

On stage II.

Düsseldorf's finest bespoke tailor Heinz-Josef Radermacher and Bernhard Roetzel.

Two Gentlemen.

Me and Bernhard Roetzel. Notice his jacket's button position vs. mine (and the X!). RTW vs. Bespoke.

Bernhard Roetzel and me.

Signing his new book.

Parker seems to be his favourite pen brand.

It was incredibly nice of Mr. Radermacher to autograph his part in Mr. Roetzel's new book.

My red edition copy of the The Gentleman.

Thank you very much indeed!

One of 2 parts of Heinz-Josef Radermacher in The Gentleman.

Thank you very much indeed!

More insights about the new L.L.Bean Bean Boots eyelets.

As you might know from this post, I've notice some chance of the eyelets of my Bean Boots from 2012 vs. this years' order.

The old eyelet consits of the common two piece eyelet with a solid back.

The new eyelet comes with a starlike back.

As I am a curious guy, I got in touch with L.L.Bean's customer service by email.

The old eyelet of my 8 inch unlined Bean Boots (ordered 2012).

The new eyelet of my 8 inch Thinsulated Bean Boots ordered this year.
So here's the explanation:

"I wanted to get back to you regarding your Bean Boots.

I described to our Developers your questions on the eyelets of your Bean Boot. We did change to a more expensive and improved eyelet in 2012. The new star backed eyelet provides a deeper and stronger hold on the leather.

I hope this helps you with your concerns. We do thank you for being such a valuable customer. Please let us know if you need any further information or help."

We'll that's good to know, as I wasn't aware about the new quality.

I'm more than impressed any time I get in touch with L.L.Bean's customer service, as they go the extra mile every time. You won't find this kind of commitment in Germany.

And L.L.Bean did improve their product without making a big fuss about it.

Ivy league style: This evening, I'll meet Bernhard Roetzel.

Today's get-up consists of chinos, an OCBD, a herringbone tweed jacket and Bass Weejuns.

In the evening, I'll add a blue regimental striped tie, as I will meet Bernhard Roetzel, Germany's Alan Flusser if you like the comparison.

He'll be at 1700 hours at Mayersche bookshop in Düsseldorf, talking about his new book "Der Gentleman nach Maß" and signing his books. 

I'll bring the very first "Gentleman" (red edition) and one of my other favourites "British Style" to get his autograph and have a chat hopefully.

Kind of tilted :-)

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Do you like my red sweater?

Nice Brummschädel after last night's Glühwein Action with Neighbours. Aua, aua mein Kopp!

Accordion chinos.

I'll have Desert Boots for Dessert

Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Wearing a scarf the first time this Autumn.

Two British icons this morning: Barbour and Burberry.

Tweed for sure!

Blast! What's wrong with my shirt???

Chukka boots for the first time this Autumn.

Nice square, innit?

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