Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Worst Martini ever!

Dear readers,

today I'd like to talk a little bit about drinks and how easy it is to mess up a classic Martini big time.

But let's start at the beginning:

I spent the last couple of days at our company's annual sales convention in Munich and the nights in a place called NH Hoteles [sic!].
The first night was perfect to pay a visit to the hotel bar 'cause I noticed a bottle of J&B (you won't find it quite often in German hotels) smiling at me when I checked in.

As the other guys were drinking beer (how boring!) I decided to have one of my favorite cocktails: Martini.

So, this is how the bartender did mix my drink:

-Shaker with ice
-5 cl gin (some cheap shit)
-3-4 cl vermouth

So, instead of asking me if I'd like my drink stirred or shaken he started shaking it like fucking Shakin' Stevens.
Then he strained it in a chilled (!) cocktail glas (with two cracks on the rim) and was just about to put some ice in it when I yelled "stop".

Olive? Hell no.

Taste: Yuck!

Next thing I did: Ordering J&B on the rocks.

Later we had a little conversation about mixing drinks and Martinis in particular and how much vermouth should be used.

When I had my second J&B he offered me his house special Martini: The same as before but fucked up with grenadine syrup.

Guys, I tell you: Don't you ever order any Martini at this place!

Next weekend I'm going to have my own little cocktail party. And guess what: Everybody will love my Martinis.

Picture by Corbis

On the street : Jeans with knit cuffs.

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