Montag, 7. Juni 2010

On the street: Marvelous penny loafers.

The color of those Prada penny loafers is hard to explain. Something between light blue and white with an antique look. So great, especially with the white soles.

On the street: Caught during lunch break.

Patterned scarf, waistcoat, cuffed jeans and desert boots.

On the street: Bespoke jacket.

There is a special story about this gentleman:

Being a professional tailor, he made his beautiful jacket with his own hands! Since January he works in Düsseldorf for a tailor featured in Bernhard Roetzel's book "The Gentleman": Heinz-Josef Radermacher on Schadowplatz.

Take a closer look at the details of his jacket.

First picture: Sorry for the half-closed eyes! My mistake!

On the street: A nice lady and her little dog.

Walking the dog with style!
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