Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Latest sale: Lumberjackin' across the universe.

Dear readers,

today at H+M, while trying on an ill-fitting grey windowpane suit, I ran into our wellknown fella Spoozy. He reminded me of the current sale that was going on. So I rushed back to the shelfs and snatched this pretty cool Lumberjack vest (just like Spoozy did) for only 15 Euros, what is quite a bargain.

Funny coincidence, as I just learned today once more in Germany's most important fashion trade magazine "Textilwirtschaft" that Lumberjack fashion will be THE big thing in Autumn 2011 (like it was in 2010, 2009 and so on...).
Well, I'm less a man of fashion, more a man of style, but this vest is so cool I couldn't resist.

And what about this cap?

Right, I got the beard already. So next things I need is an axe and yellow braces.
And hands that are bigger then my head.
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