Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Feel like a sailor: Time for a Pea Coat!

Dear readers,

I never really considered to buy a pea coat. Never. Ok, I liked the shape, its historical background and stuff, but that was all.

Than yesterday, like I don't know what, the desire for possessing one suddenly manifested in my mind.

So I did check out the nextdoor NATO shop (it's really called like this) for the range of items to fulfil my wish.

They had black ones, deep blue ones with golden buttons and than, at the far end of the shelf, deep blue ones with blue buttons. So as I ain't no officer, I went for the blue/blue one.

The funny thing about the sizes I found out yesterday, so I tried on size S first (I wear a UK 40) and it was perfect. Ok, the shoulders are slightly too wide, but that's alright for a jacket that did cost me only 60 Euros.

Material: Heavy wool, very thick. You won't need an extra jacket underneath it.

I'll wear it tomorrow and tell you how it feels like.


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