Montag, 5. Januar 2015

My most important wish for 2015: To stay healthy!

My dear followers: What kind of Year 2014 was that?

Germany wins the World Cup

But then:

Publishing house crisis in Germany

A lot of friends lose their jobs

War all over the World (IS, Ukraine, Syria, etc.)

Anxiety attacks everywhere




Robin Williams commits suicide

Peter Scholl-Latour, Udo Jürgens, Peer Augustinski, Joachim Fuchsberger die

Shirley Temple, Lauren Bacall, Peaches Geldorf, Philip Seymour Hoffman die

So much sh!t was going on...

Me, my wife, our son and our daughter spent the turn of the year in bed ill with fever. Worst time ever!

I can tell you, this wasn't exactly the way I wanted it to be. My goal was to spend some quality time with my kids, having a laugh, playing games, go swiming with my son, trying out his new RC monster truck, etc.

If you're not healthy, you're nothing!

So my whish for us all in 2015 is: Stay healthy! Keep an eye on you and your loved ones! And don't forget to enjoy your life, even if it might be hard. You only have one chance!



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