Montag, 26. Mai 2014

Reader's questions: OCBD.


What´s the final word on the OCBD? After having washed a number of times, is it slim enough or does it balloon around the waist?

A. Blonde

Hi A! 

Thank you for your question.

I guess you're referring to the L.L.Bean OCBD from this post?

To be honest: I sent it back as the sleeves turned out to be too short.

I do own 2 OCBDs: One light blue from some German Haberdasher and a white one from Charles Thyrwhitt.

The CT shirt was really big, so I washed it really hot and put it in the tumble dryer on hottest setting.

Both shirts do still balloon a bit around the waist, so I do a Military Tuck every time I put them on.

But I don't consider this to be an issue.

I guess is just a personal preference how slim your shirts should be.

BTW: CT sell slim OCBDs now.

Does this answer your question?

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