Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

L.L.Bean Scotch Flannel Shirt. Arrived today!

Here they are! 

My new Scotch Flannel Shirts by L.L.Bean.

It took ages to finally hold the shirts in my hands! From the US to France, to Germany: 6 weeks!

But this doesn't matter, as the shirts are pretty nice. Nice colours, nice flannel, nice soft touch.

AND: NOT made in China but made in El Salvador. Which is ok for me.

I'm lucky to be able to buy the literally last shirts in Black Watch and Wallace. 

If you want them: Too bad! They're out of stock until Autumn/Fall I guess...

Black Watch and Wallace design.

About sizing: I'm 183 cm = 6 ft tall with long arms. Size M tall is perfect for me.

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