Montag, 2. September 2013

New oxford cloth button down by L.L.Bean

Today I received my new OCBD by L.L.Bean.
A really nice shirt, just I've expected it to be.

I've ordered US sizes for the first time on a shirt, so I was quite excited about how the fit would turn out.

Neck (16 inch) and sleeve length (34 inch) is great. 35 inch sleeve would have been far to long. But let's see if it shrinks...

I've ordered a trim fit, but the shirt is bulkier than I thought it would be. 

In Germany, we wouldn't call it a trim fit, but more like traditional fit.

But ok, it's still a great shirt and I like it.

The shirt was manuafctured in Malaysia, what is quite interesting.

From my point of view, L.L.Bean would do better, if they would offer more "Made in USA" products.

Addition (3rd of September):

When I put the shirt on last evening, it was clear that we have to go different ways from now on.

The shirt is so much more bulky than my regular size shirts. The arms are for a kind of Schwarzenegger guy and much too big for the average Joe. And the waist size is so big that you could make a tent out of it. 

Too bad. I was very excited when I ordered the shirt.

If you are in doubt: L.L.Bean's trim fit does not mean average German trim fit.

So I'll send it back tomorrow.

Do you need this on a trim fit shirt?
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