Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

How old is your Barbour? The easiest way to figure it out!

Do you know how old your clothes are?
When I'd ask you when you purchased this or that, few of us could name the exact year, I guess.

Well, as I wanted to know the age of my new vintage Barbour Beaufort, I did some research in the mysterious Internet (maybe you heard about it...).

The answer is very simple:

Just check the back of the white barcode label.

The first two numbers right under the barcode indicate the year of production.

This means that my new vintage jacket was made in 1994, so it is 19 years old. 
It's ok to call it vintage, I think.

My old jacket is from 1992, as you'll see.

So when I compared those two jackets, the former owner (a lady) did treat it well.

My old jacket shows all the signs of heavy usage, but that's a different story, I've told you before...

My new jacket. Year of production is 1994

My old jacket. Only two years older...

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