Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Best comment ever!

A few weeks ago I wrote a  post about the fit of a trim fit OCBD from L.L.Bean.

This comment I've received a couple of minutes ago:

German trim fit is what we call male prostitute/gigolo fit in the U.S.

Offensive, but still funny. And it reminds me, that I have twice as many readers from the US, than from Germany. Thank you for dropping by, US readers!
And it reminds me of a post from our blogging fellow (for me one of the best preppy blogs) and his post about "The Myth of The Slim Fit Shirt".

Tucked in like this, his traditional fit BB's shirt looks really great from the front. And it's true, it's all about feeling comfy in your clothes.

I own a few trim fit shirts and they are kind of tight around my biceps (not that I am as fit as the guy from the mentioned blog). And every time I wear them I think about dumping them.

But this sentence in his post says it all: "I know that I am fit and I do not think that my colleagues and clients need to be made aware of this."

Well spoken. Lesson learned.
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