Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Peaked lapels.

Yesterday night, I watched "My Fair Lady" with lovely Audrey H. for the first time.

I use to watch english movies in the english version, what is not really popular in Germany, because every movie is dubbed. Even songs! Can you imagine that? Ok, except "The Wizzard Of OZ", maybe that's the reason it's one of my favorite movies (Lovely Judy G.).

The German version of MFL (I've only seen a few minutes of different takes for comparison) is quite funny, as Eliza speaks with a harsh Berlin accent, which does work very well in this context about language. I prefer the english version, though.

Musicals (on stage) are a big deal here in Germany, but as all the songs have been translated into German, it often sounds pretty awkward. From my point of view, the German language does not work well for most songs.

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