Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Book review: Icons Of Men's Style by Josh Sims.

Don't  judge a book by its cover.

This proverb did always work pretty good for me. Especially with "Icons Of Men's Style" by Josh Sims.

I've ever thought, it was about people, like actors, fashion idols, whatsoever.

But I was wrong.

This great book provides detailed information about the heritage of companies and brands and the background of their success.

This books features 7 chapters:

1. Outerwear:
The Blouson/The Waxed Jacket/The Overcoat/The Denim Jacket/The Duffle Coat/The Fishtail Parka/The Flight Jacket/The Mac/The Biker Jacket/The Pea Coat/The Bomer Jacket/The Field Jacket/The Trench Coat.

2. Trousers:
Khakis/Jeans/Cargo Pants/Bermuda Shorts.

3. Shoes:
The Sandal/The Desert Boot/The Basketball Shoe/The Work Shoe/The Work Boot/The Loafer/The Driving Shoe/The Brogue/The Deck Shoe.

4. Underwear:
Y-Fronts/The T-Shirt/Boxer Shorts.

5. Tailoring:
The Bespoke Suit/The Dinner Suit/The Sack Suit/The Blazer/The Ready-To-Wear Suit/The Tweed Jacket.

6. Shirts & Sweaters:
The Shirt/The Sweatshirt/The Button-Down Shirt/The Guernsey Sweater/The Hawaiian Shirt/The Polo Shirt/The Lumberjack Shirt/The Breton Top/The Cardigan.

7. Accessories:
The Luxury Lighter/The Panama Hat/The Fountain Pen/Aviator Sunglasses/The Diving Watch/The All-Weather Lighter/The Moon Watch/The Necktie.

Comprehensive information about everything you need to know about all kinds of favorite brands and insights in fashion.

If you're interested in fashion, you have to own this excellent book.

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