Samstag, 19. März 2011

GDS: Thank you very much!

Dear readers,

the last weeks were packed with loads of work, leaving me unable to post on a regular basis. Long days in the office, too much time at airports and on airplanes and my spare time to spend with my little family.

So I was pretty excited to attend this friday at a client & agency meeting on Düsseldorf's famous shoe fair GDS with the desire to do some awsome pictures of the next season's footwear.

But: No chance! I wasn't allowed to do one single shot of shoes although I managed to get a press credential. Too bad! Seemed like everybody was affraid I could be some kind of chinese copy guy in disguise. Ni hao!

So the only pics I can show you are a few impressions of the fair grounds tubes and a giant Chuck (I like pretty much). Too bad...

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck
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