Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

My latest purchase: Sharp Suits

Dear readers,

as I'm very interested in books about fashion (as you know), Sharp Suits by Eric Musgrave was on my list for some time. So then yesterday I got a call from my local bookstore, that my order had arrived.

I must confess that this book offers so much more than I expected. It features a lot of very cool photos and tells the story of the suit through the ages.

If you're interested in fashion and would like to learn how to dress well, this book might not be the best choice to start. But if you like to know more about the centerpiece of man's clothing than this book is mandatory!

This is one of the books a welldressed gentleman must own!

Go and buy! Now!

The chapters:

Chapter One:
Convention or Fashion?
The single-breasted suit

Chapter Two:
A Question of Balance
The double-breasted suit

Chapter Three:
Princes Among Men
The striped suit

Chapter Four:
The Italian Job
The checked suit

Chapter Five:
US Male
The white suit

Chapter Six:
Passion from Paris
The Dormeuil suits

Chapter Seven:
Lost In Music
The Bowie suits

Chapter Eight:
The Magic of the Movies
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