Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

What did I wear yesterday?

Dear readers,

this is what I did wear in the office yesterday:

What about the black bar? I don't like the look of my eyes on this one.

Blue herringbone tweed jacket
Blue striped dress shirt
Cashmere tie
Knit cardigan

My wife doesn't like that I do blog myself but it's ok for me :-)

Nice weekend


  1. Lookin superfly, Mike!
    Despite the fact that your wife doesn´t like you blogging yourself, you better continue sporting such great stuff and showing us it!

  2. Nice look. I see you with the vest and the boat shoes.

  3. @Ninja: Thx for your comment. Due to bad weather conditions I went for my timberlands. By the way: A few days ago I had a client meeting I sported my Swims the first time outdoors. While the other guys had soaking wet leather or ugly rubber soles, my shoes were completely dry and shiny.

  4. Mike,

    What is the name of the Timberlands you are wearing..?

  5. Mxolisi,

    the box says: Number 30003.
    I wrote something about them in this post:

    I like them pretty much, 'cause you can wear them with lots of other things.


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