Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Do you like my red sweater?

Nice Brummschädel after last night's Glühwein Action with Neighbours. Aua, aua mein Kopp!

Accordion chinos.

I'll have Desert Boots for Dessert


  1. That sweater is really nice. Good old red goes with everything and becomes everyone. Anyway, your outfits are exemplary for every man. There should be more such blogs as yours to teach guys that you don't have to be a fop to be well dressed. So keep up that good work.
    But be careful with the Glühwein ;-).

  2. Hi Alex, thank you for your comment.

    I'll try to not look like Willy Wonka when I choose my get-ups. I just stick to some sartorial rules and wear clothes that are timeless, which gives me a great deal of confidence.

    In my job I don't have to wear a suit or a jacket every day. But this doesn't mean that I allow myself to dress sloppy. You won't catch me wearing denim in the office lately, as I prefer chinos (and corduroy in Winter). And this makes a big difference in one's appearance.

    You're asking for more blogs? Please check out my list of blogs on the right hand side ->
    (you need to scroll down a bit)

    You'll find all different kinds of blogs, which will take you on a sartorial journey.


  3. Dear Mike,

    your preference of chinos, which I do share aswell, is indeed a large step upwards. But what's more, it's a step anyone can do, and here's the merit of yours and your blog:

    I am aware of the existence of many a blog out there in the net, but a lot of them are written by utter enthusiasts that scare away the average Joe with their flamboyance or their preference of bespoke suits that cost at least two average salaries. It's not that they don't have their place, but they write rather for other enthusiasts that already mastered the basics.

    Your blog instead shows that you can be well dressed with clothes that any everday normal Joe can a) afford and b) wear without feeling uncomfortable or overly flamboyant. You prove that style is nothing overly complicated nor inaccessable, and that's the message that should be spread more often.
    Again, keep it up.

  4. Dear Alexander,

    thank you very much indeed for your kind words.

    I must confess that I didn't see my blog the way you described it. It's a tremendous insight that I really wasn't aware of. Knowing that I really can help the average Joe to become a better dresser, feels pretty nice.

    So once again, thank your very much!


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