Montag, 20. Januar 2014

GANT vs. L.L.Bean: Norwegian Sweater Battle

As I mentioned in my previous post, I just went to the mall to buy a Levi's 501 (size 33/34 in "one wash", if you'd like to know).

Stopping by at GANT's, I've noticed the same Norwegian sweater (navy/white) I've bought several weeks ago from L.L.Bean.

Priced at something around 220 Euros, it costs twice as much as L.L.Bean's (made in Norway!).

The GANT sweater comes with 20% of Nylon, just like the old one from L.L.Bean all our Trad and Preppy blogger friends seem to prefer (Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out where it was made).

So, here's the GANT sweater:
Norway Crewneck Jumper
Picture from the Internet

And here's is L.L.Bean's:
Picture from the Internet
The direction of the patterns is the same. But the GANT sweater comes with a label on the left side right over the waistband.

What do you think about that?


  1. Both the sweaters look the same, hope these Norwegian sweaters are not "Made in China". Ironic it may sound I am American and have 2 pairs of jeans, one is Italian "Armani" the other German "Hugo Boss". I can see you laughing!

  2. The L.L.Bean sweater is made in Norway.

    I used to wear a few Boss items (shirts and ties) when I was younger. But the only item I own right now is a pocket square.

  3. Glad the Norwegian sweater is made in Norway. Here almost everything comes from China and does not last much, however prices are very American :)


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