Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

How to attach a Nato strap to your watch. Step by step.

Due to a reader's question, I'll give you a step-by-step-instruction, how to attach a Nato strap on your watch.

Here we go:

Getting started: First detach the original bracelet. I went to an official Rolex service point at a local jeweller on Düsseldorf's Königsallee, as I don't have the right tools yet.

Put the spring bars back in the horns.

Loosen the upper part of the strap.

Like that.

Thread the strap through the upper bar of your watch.

Slide the watch up to upper buckle.

Thread the strap through the lower bar.

Like that.

Thread the strap through the lower buckle and pull tight.


Back of the watch.

You will notice that the "tail" of the strap will stick out when closed.

No problem! Just fold it down and put it right under the buckle.

Well done! Now order your Nato straps!


  1. Mike-

    Thanks for the post.
    I was wondering, how does the strap feel compared to the original?

    When I raised the strap-changing question in your previous post, what I was really aiming at is the tool requirement factor.

    I wouldn´t want to have someone do that every time I fancy a change of strap. I must learn to do it myself. I´ve got to buy the necessary tools. Any info on that will be much appreciated.

    A. Blonde

  2. Hi AB,

    well, wearing the watch feels different now, as the whole package is much more lighter. The original bracelet really adds much more weight on the watch than I thought.

    But with the Nato strap, wearing the watch is much more comfy as you don't feel the weight. Only looking at my wrist reminds me that I wear a watch (I'm exaggerating).

    But back to your question:
    I've just ordered a watch tool at Amazon: (It's the German site, but you'll find it in your country aswell. I just found out, that Amazon UK for example offers so many tools for quite a bargain. Just type in "watch tool" and you'll be surprised!).

    So with that tool, I'll be able to attach and detach the original bracelet as often as I want to.

    But if you want to change different Nato straps, you don't need the tool at all.

    So just go for it!



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