Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Latest finds from Tegernsee.

During my Christmas holidays in Tegernsee I've found some nice paintings in an antique shop.


  1. Did you buy them? I love horses and I have dared to do a few paintings of horses :) In my younger years have done horse riding too.

    Best wishes

  2. Yes I did! The first two cover my living room wall already. I wonder where to hang up the triplet, as they are a bit smaller and w/o glass.

    You do paintings? Well that's nice!

    My ex-girlfriend had a horse. We spend hours and hours at the stables. And I had to take care of the horse for 2 weeks when she had to do a qualification in latin for her studies. So I think I've learned everything from malanders to colics :-)


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