Freitag, 2. März 2012

My Rolex is back, but...

Dear readers,
today I went to Rolex in Cologne to pick up my Sub.
Well, I had to pay 577 Euros for the revision and I must say, my Sub looks flawless.

No scratches and bumps (fixed by laser technology) anymore . The metal shines like it did years before. Amazing job, I must say.

Rolex gave me a little booklet (explaining all steps of the revision) and a little travel case, which will be quite helpful.

I'm a perfectionist. I like symmetry.
So when I took a closer look at the triplock crown, I realised that it was tilted. It used to point at 12 o'clock and now it points at 2 o'clock. Doesn't matter, you think?

To me it does. For me, it's not perfect anymore. Ok, it glistens, but that's not enough.

I was asking the mechanic for the reasons and he told me there's no way to adjust the crown the way it was. Some technical reasons, screws, blabla, what ever...

So back at home I studied the booklet and noticed one sentence on the first page, saying something like "Rolex ensures that every Oyster leaving their workshops will have its original functional and aesthetic features".

Well guys, we put men on the moon, but we're not able to adjust that nasty triplock crown???

On Monday I'll call mechanics again. If they'll tell me the old story again, I'll write a letter to the managing director to learn about his idea of quality standards.

Am I crazy?

Back at my wrist.

The crown is tilted. It used to be at 12 o'clock. Now it's at 2 o'clock.
This is not what I've expected.

Travel case. Nice!

Table of contents.

This won't be my last post about my Sub!


  1. Yes, you're bit crazy. But, you're in good company ;) Stuff like that can eat me away too. Perfectionism is the flip side of being a sensitive person. With that said I think you should go ahead. No harm in pushing them a bit. But don't let it get to you and make your day lousy.

  2. Well you have all the right to ask them to fix it. You bought a Rolex watch for a reason, you paid big bucks for quality, twice, one when you bought it and now when you got it serviced. You should get it fixed the way it is supposed to be.

    Last summer I had to contact president of Mercedes benz, to get my car fixed, and it helped.

    Good Luck, keep us posted.

  3. Of course it's possible to adjust the crown at 12 o'clock. There is no tecnical problem, it was in this position before!!! if there was some technical problem, would have been before and after maintenance.
    The only problem is that the operator has to open the case again and has to put a new bumper to maid it water resistant again, and the company has to do it without any cost for you.
    You have paid a lot of money for a simply maintenance that in other watchcompany do not cost more of 100€. So you are right about to expect a service according with the exclusivity of the brand.


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