Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Today's get-up: Tie-less again.

Corduroy jacket
Pima cotton sweater (it's red, but the camera didn't get it)
Dockers chinos
Brown wing-tips


  1. Very smart, you have assembled the whole outfit beautifully.

    I love corduroy, that's what I mostly wear in winters, even my wife is now addicted to corduroy. But all my collection is of pants and shirts, I do not own a single corduroy jacket why I don't know. Now you have given me inspiration, I will invest in one.

  2. @PC: The jacket is very light and of narrow corduroy. First I thought about putting on my dark brown cord jacket but I decided for the light color to have a nice contrast to red and blue.
    Great that you like it. And that I'm an inspiration for you.


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