Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Store check: Kuball & Kempe in Hamburg

Dear readers,

during my business trip yesterday, right before my appointment, I spotted this terrific shop right in the middle of Hamburg's Altstadt: Kuball & Kempe.

Thomas Kuball and Peter Kempe sell everything that has something to do with lifestyle and heritage, e.g. a famous Laguiole collection, Parisian lingerie designer D. Porthault, Meißner china, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chairs, even Adidas sneakers. The list seems to be endless.
Go see for yourself:

Kuball & Kempe
Alter Fischmarkt 11
20457 Hamburg

Get in touch:

As they don't have any online appearance, I'll provide more pictures than usual.
Pls. double click images to expand.

Thomas Kuball

Peter Kempe

 Kuball & Kempe


  1. wow, first of all, great pictures, second, WHAT A STORE!!! the inventory, the furniture! everything.great store.simple as that

  2. That looks like a cool place. I like your photos.


  3. Wow, seems like a nice place to shop :)

  4. Yes it is a great store, but this is just a side business as far as I know. Their real money comes from Design. E.g. they designed the Meissen Dragon porcelain and other than that they are big in high end interior design - rooms, boats etc for rich people is where they excel...

  5. Hi GG. Thx. for your info. Seems like a hell lot of work for the guys. But that's how business works :-)
    It is always amazing, to meet people who have a great story to tell.


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