Freitag, 12. November 2010

Rain: How to protect your shoes.

Dear readers,

fall/autumn in Germany means rain. And I mean very annoying, splashing rain. It's nice if you can stay at home with a hot cup of tea, but if you have to go to work, there's nothing romantic about it.
My main problem with rain is, how to protect my leather soled footwear from getting soaking wet? Here's the solution I found in an amazing store called Torquato (if you do follow this blog from time to time you'll know what I mean). Torquato offers galoshes of a norwegian company called Swims.
They come in different colors and are pretty easy to put on your shoes. Swims feature a great grip on slippery surfaces, a tear resistance and lots of other things.
I'll tryt them the next days and weeks and tell you my insights.

Here are a few pictures:

What do you think?

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