Samstag, 27. November 2010

Bargain shop purchase: Tkmaxx

On Friday I went with my style pal Spoozy of Kleidsam to Tkmaxx in Neuss.

This is my catch:

Two very nice cashmere knit ties by Bäumler (my first ones!).

One white and brown linen pocket square.

One red-grey-black-white scarf by Massaro for my wife.

Pls. double click image to enlarge.


  1. Nice finds. I like the scarf and the pocket square.

  2. Thx! It was such a bargain: 40 Euros altogether.

  3. just got a flanel from tkmaxx berlin for this winter. it really is for bargain hunters tho haha

  4. @Marco: What do you mean by flanel? Trousers? A suit? But you're right! If you look close enough, you'll discover a lot of diamonds among what others might call trash.
    I'd like to check out Tkmaxx at least every week.

  5. ahh haha. i didnt even think of other flanel options. the words just poured out of my mouth. i was talking about a flannel shirt, warm and cozy for the winter time,in checked green colors.


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