Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

What to drink? A gentleman's liquid: Tanqueray

Dear readers,

please take a closer look at my latest purchase: Tanqueray London Dry Gin (inspired by the fabulous Chelsea Farmer's Club).

Just another component in my (very very limited) house bar that I build up.

That leads me to my questions to you, my dear readers:

How do you enjoy your Gin? Pure, as cocktail, on ice?

Do you like Gin at all?

What do you think about house bars?

I like to know! Tell me all your expert knowledge, your thoughts, your suggestions.



  1. I like my gin as part of gin and tonic (G&T) cocktail, generally using Bombay Sapphire gin.

  2. Thx for your input.
    I'll go for Bombay Sapphire as well.
    Is there a big difference in taste?

  3. Bombay Saphire is not a true london gin...
    only tanqueray, gordons, and a couple of others can call themselves that...
    bombay is over prized! you are paying for the label (the gucci under the gin...)
    another great gin is millers london gin. great stuff.
    tanqueray is a classic good value for money quality gin. to be found in all good english households (unless they have gordons....)

  4. Drink what you like. Bombay, Tanqueray, Gordon's are all good gins. Don't fall for the 'true London gin' brand marketing hype for nouveau-riche. Enjoy your gin!

  5. I quite enjoy the presentation of your bar, the silver tray and decanters are incredibly slick!

    I do like Bombay, but I began drinking beefeater because it's always cheap at the country club I frequent. In fact, I just bought a 1.75L of it (also got a 1.75L of Famous Grouse for when I'm thinking scotch, changing it up from Dewar's) which ought to last me a while.

    I drink mine like LBF in a G&T, usually with a lime wedge. Sometimes I'll over-lime it and it'll become a gimlet.


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