Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Store check: Chelsea Farmer's Club Düsseldorf

My lunch break with Spoozyliciouzz took us to Chelsea Farmer's Club. Take a look and enjoy.

As I do use the old posting editor again, pls. double click on the images to enlarge.

Some pics are a little out of focus due to bad light conditions.


  1. Had pretty much fun today, and damn boy, you nailed it today. You really looked great!!

    And that CTC is one hell of a shop !

  2. Thanks a lot! The pleasure was all mine :-)
    What a funny day. The first time I posted myself on my blog.

    You're damn right: CTC ain't no bargain but it's worth it.

  3. Those Chelsea boots are wildly cool, I suppose being at Chelsea Farmer's Club they're in the right place!

    I like your look as well, very neutral and natural, yet crisp and well coordinated.

    Also, they've got quite the bar, is that for customers?

  4. Hi David,

    thx a lot for your comments.
    The bar is pretty cool, isn't it? And yes, it's for the customers. Besides, they don't serve non-alcoholic drinks. Along the lines of: Fill them up and they'll buy :-)

  5. the brown monks and the boots are my fav!!GREAt store, as it looks like


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