Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Books to the rules of style, fashion and elegance

Dear Readers,

what's the story about fashion? This was my first question I asked myself quite a long time ago. The first book to answer that question was "The Gentleman" by German author Bernhard Roetzel. Without that book, my whole life regarding to style would have gone in a totaly different direction.

Here's a list of my books starting with the trio that every man must own:

-Bernhard Roetzel - The Gentleman (I like the first red edition much more than the re-issue)
-Alan Flusser - Dressing The Man
-Esquire: The Handbook Of Style

Here's the rest - in order to how they are set in my bookshelf right now:
-Jim Heiman - 50's Fashion
-Esquire - The Rules
-Bernhard Roetzel - The Style Guide
-James Sherwood - The London Cut
-Daniel Peres - Details / Men's Style Manual
-Scott Schuman - The Sartorialist
-Enitan O. Bereola II - Bereolaesque
-Richard Torregrossa- Gary Grant / A Celebration Of Style
-László Vass & Magda Monár - Handmade Shoes For Men

What's missing in my bookshelf? Any recommendations or suggestions?


  1. Hmm, first of all great post and thx for sharing your booklist with us. I like to get some inspiration from old photos. I purchased a great one a while ago for 10€ at Thalia. Its called Photo Journalism and is very heavy and big. SOME photos might be inspirational, but that just might be a source besides fashion books. I like the Sartorialist and might get The Gentlemen to or before Christmas!

  2. I highly recommend that you add Hardy Amies A-Z of Fashion to your collection. n my mind, the definitive book for any man interested in style, as you clearly are!

    Savile Joe

  3. Hi Savile Joe,

    thank you for your comment. Your recommendation is on my wish list, but I think it's called "ABC Of Men's Fashion", isn't it?!
    Anyway, it will find its way to my bookshelf :-)


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