Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Store check: Uwe van Afferden

I noticed this shop in the latest issue of GQ, so I wanted to check it out by myself.

Located on Lorettostraße, this "concept store" is a fusion of fashion, illustrations, art, interieur, etc.

By the way: Uwe van Afferden offers his own Tweed collection.

Please see for yourself:


  1. Wunderschönes Lädchen! Wenn ich mal in Düsseldorf sein sollte, werde ich bestimmt hereinschauen. Und dazu auch sehr schöne Fotos.
    Sehr, sehr guter Post!

  2. Hey Mike, I have seen that store in the GQ as well and thought DANG THATS A COOL ONE. If it had been in Berlin I'd probably checked it out myself. Cool blog btw. Wearable german style clothing. GREAT
    my blog is about DIY projects, art, design and just web wows that I find. Sometimes fashion as well ;)

  3. Hi Marco, thanks for your comment and welcome to the family. Just took a look at your blog. Nice one!


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