Montag, 7. Juni 2010

On the street: Bespoke jacket.

There is a special story about this gentleman:

Being a professional tailor, he made his beautiful jacket with his own hands! Since January he works in Düsseldorf for a tailor featured in Bernhard Roetzel's book "The Gentleman": Heinz-Josef Radermacher on Schadowplatz.

Take a closer look at the details of his jacket.

First picture: Sorry for the half-closed eyes! My mistake!


  1. Oh, i just read about that Rademacher guy yesterday in Roetzels you think he´s worth a visit?

  2. The guy told me that a suit starts at 3,5 k (!). Plus extra money for the cloth.

    Far too much for me...

    By the way: Check out Alan Flusser's "dressing the man"..

  3. @ Mike
    Great pictures, just the eyes. I've never been born for beeing a model.
    If you'd like to contact me here's my eMail

    This is only my trashbin. So if you write, i'll send you my real address.


  4. @Julian
    Yes, the eyes...
    I'm very sorry, but the pictures with open eyes weren't good at all. I'll do better next time :-)
    I'll contact you after my vacation!

  5. That's a beautiful jacket!! It's impossible to find anything that exquisite here in Florida.

    I like your blog very much. Wish I could get the never to talk with more people on the street. You seem to have a knack for it. Good luck!

  6. @SR: Thank you for your nice words. Talking to people on the street isn't that hard. Everyone's got a story to tell. And for the time of talking and taking the picture you have this very intimate moment while everyone else is rushing by.


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