Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

On the street - Commercial shoot on Kö

Funny coincidence. When I called my buddy Chotschen during lunch break, assuming that he was already in Paris, he told me he was shooting a commercial on Kö. So I brought my camera.
Over time we noticed another familiar face. Seemed like we had a big Millhome reunion at D-Town.


  1. Damn it, we nearly mus have run into each other...been passing the scene on my way to my client meeting this morning...

  2. Yeah right. It's pretty close to Stilwerk. I met a few ex-colleagues, cause some years ago I worked for MTOMD aswell :-)
    I'll spend my lunch break tomorrow on Kö again. So if you'll see a guy in a suit with a camera, it could be me.

  3. Nope, did not see you...we´ll be lucky in the future, i guess :)


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