Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Another business trip to Munich.

Starting this evening, we'll have our anual Sales Meeting tomorrow in Munich.

Time to dress up with a jacket. But I'll skip the tie this time.

My Barbour Liddesdale

Tweed and a cashmere blend sweater

Brown corduroy trousers with my new Suitsupply belt

Wool-lined brogue boots by Clarks


Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Montag, 23. Februar 2015

I'm blue. Wearing denim in the office.

Today, I'm taking my get-up a bit easy:

Navy shawl-collar cotton sweater by L.L.Bean
Some checked shirt
Levi's 501
Clarks Brogue Boots

Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

English weather in Germany.

Vintange Barbour Beaufort

Blue OCBD by Christian Berg and Shetland sweater by

Navy corduroy trousers by Christian Berg

Chukka boots by John Crocket

Over the calf socks by Burlington

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Altweiber - Karneval in Düsseldorf.

Today is the start of the Karneval's season in North Rhine-Westphalia.

At 11:11 hours, the girls go wild, dressed in fancy dresses and take over City Hall.

Düsseldorf Helau! There's no holding back carnival fans in the metropolis on the banks of the Rhine when the fifth season kicks off.
 As every year, I'm not quite a fan of Karneval. 

But wait! Here'y my costume:

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Thinking of my salad days. And where I am today. And where I will be tomorrow.

Do you know this feeling? Thinking about your future when you are quite young, what will life be and stuff when you're 18, 30, 40? 

And then realising that when your're 44 (like me) everything developed totally different than you thought it would.

Married to a beautiful wife, 2 adorable kids, a nice rented house, a dog, but still not satisfied with life due to your current job. All the chances, all the opportunities. Where have they been? You want to have more, but you have no idea how to get to it?

Will I make it to the top, will I get promoted and which kind of job will I do until I retire from work (which is at least 20 years in my case)?

No one can tell you what the future holds, but I figured out, that you have to act like you are a brand. You are your own CEO, Head of Marketing and Sales Manager responsible for your own brand. 

So make the right decisions for your career and built up your brand. 

Do advertising for yourself. 

Be the best partner your clients can get. 

Keep your word. 
Work hard.
Be loyal. 
Be honest. 
Learn new things and skills.
Never give up.
And be yourself.

Never forget: Be a good husband and a loving father.

“Man is not made for defeat…

A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”

Shetland sweater made in Scotland.

Navy chinos.

Timberland shoes.

Burlington socks.

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