Dienstag, 3. April 2012

More money for gasoline, less money for clothes.

The current price of gas in Germany: 1.55 Euros per liter Diesel.

That's 7.81 $ per gallon, if my calculation is correct.



  1. Diesel is $4/ + or - a few cents here in the US, and we keep complaining about high gasoline prices. But then we have long distances and hence longer commutes.

  2. If you have to travel long distance you go by plane.
    Around Düsseldorf, most of the people drive to work average 20-30 kilometers. Some even more.

    If have to do 25 Km one route, that makes 250 per week and so approx. 10,750 Km per year (w/o holidays).

    45 minutes from home to work. That makes 323 hours commute per year. I've just learned, that Americans spend over 100 hours commuting.

    What about donation?



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