Montag, 2. Mai 2011

One of my must-haves: Cricket/tennis sweater.

This is one of my all-time favourites. I'd like to buy one but I don't know where...


  1. I suggest Smart Turnout, Polo Ralph Lauren, or Brooks Brothers.
    Smart Turnout offers multiple color options.
    Polo has several options, but the body of the sweater is rather short.
    Brooks Brothers offers quality, good fit and a fair price.

  2. Hi Scott, thx for your help. I did check out Smart Turnout, but they offer only sweater vests (so does Polo). Hilfiger's got a nice sweater but it comes with a big logo on the chest.

    So my search continues...

  3. Hey,

    I would suggest ebay. You can find everything on there.

  4. You're right, pal. Ebay's cool. But I'd like to try clothes on before I buy them. I think I'll give it a try...

  5. If you are still out looking for a nice cricket/tennis sweater, I recommend you to check out The J. Peterman Company. They have a great sweater for a fair price.



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